Large Round Trampoline with Safety Net 12FT 14FT 16FT


  • Brand: Famgizmo
  • Jumping Mat Material: PP
  • Frame Padding Material: PVC
  • Ladder: Removable
Diameter 12FT 14FT 16FT
Overall Height 8.5FT 8.5FT 8.9FT
Frame Height 2.6FT 2.6FT 2.95FT
Weight Capacity 330LBS
Number of Legs 4 4 6
Number of Poles 8 8 12
Number of Springs 72 80 108
Number of Wind Stakes 8 8 12


  • Perfect Sizes Trampoline

Choose a big trampoline as a perfect choice for a big backyard. The wonderful free jumping feeling on the big trampoline is totally different from the small ones. You can jump with your kids in your own place, making your trampoline time more interesting and private.

  • Built with Durability

Heavy gauge galvanized steel frame forms 4 L-shaped legs with 8 balanced contact points provide a stable base for the jumping zone. The joins are press-fitted onto each frame piece to reduce frame noise and movement between sections and ultimately reduces overall wear and tear.
Rails are tightly fixed to each other with the unique T-joint structure, safety enclosure net that creates a safe space for your kids while playing, wide spring cover pad with quality elastic straps fully covers the frame, so the feet won’t get caught in springs.

  • 360 Degree Safety Net

This trampoline with enclosures features a 360-degree safety net that is securely attached to the jumping mat all the way around, reducing the risk of an arm or leg falling through. A full enclosure with a zipper door surely lends you peace in mind.

  • Premium Bouncing Experience

Wear-resistant and anti-UV high-strength trampoline mat woven together that able to handle constant flexing, making it durable and soft on your feet. 80-108 galvanized springs evenly stretched around the mat to ensure a smooth and responsive bounce.
Made of weather-resistant galvanized steel, the 8 wind stakes included surely serve as a bonus that helps stabilize the trampoline in different weather.

  • Complete Accessory Set and Easy Assembly

This trampoline set contains steel frames, jumping mats, and safety enclosure combo. We have designed this trampoline to be as easy as possible to assemble, we recommend two or more people for assembly. The Assembly manual listed specific and detailed assembling steps for your reference. This product will be shipped in 3 packages and they may arrive at the same or different times.

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