A Guide to the Portable Air Coolers

April 27, 2020

When it gets hot outside, there are a number of ways of keeping cool inside. Even if you have air conditioning, it might be a shame to turn on air conditioning if you’re alone in the room.

A small, portable air cooler might be enough to do the trick. They use evaporative cooling to produce cold, moist air.  It has a fan that takes in warm air from the surroundings and blows it over the water that you place in the cooler’s reservoir. The flow of warm air will evaporate the water. Evaporation is an “endothermic process”, meaning that it absorbs energy. Thus, the water molecules absorb the heat from the warm air, and the water converts into water vapor. This makes the air moist and cool at the same time. Thus, if you are sweltering on a hot, dry summer day, an evaporative air cooler will produce cool, moist air. And instead of using kilowatts of power, it can cool you off at as little as 18 Watts of power!

But, while they all work on the same principle, there are still some questions to consider among portable air coolers.

What We Like About the air cooler and Who We’d Recommend It For

Current online feedback for the Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier is somewhat mixed. Some customers have been a little disappointed with a few aspects of the unit.

But others have given it 5 stars and are full of praise for this little device, saying it has made a huge difference to their comfort levels and that it has been worth every penny of the price tag.

Here’s what we particularly like about this unit:


Sometimes it’s just not practical or possible to lug about a hefty air-con unit or large fan, and for those times when you need a little extra cooling power round you, this lightweight and compact unit fit the bill.

Ideal for trips away in your caravan, or for an extra boost of cool air at your desk while you work or study. No more arguments with co-workers or family members about what temperature you want your personal space to be! You can switch this unit on and surround yourself with cool, fresh air to your heart’s content.


Unlike some portable air conditioners which are cumbersome and not especially pleasing to look at, I think this little cube looks pretty smart,  stylish and will sit nicely in any space without taking up much room or clashing with your decor.

The addition of light is also a nice touch, especially at bedtime if you’re not a fan of going to sleep in total darkness.

Energy Efficient and Can Help Save You Money

None of us like paying any more for things than we really need to, and there may be times when running air-con right through every room of your house is an unnecessary and costly exercise.

Nor is it always necessary to cool an entire room right down – a small area around you may be all that’s required to make you more comfortable.

The Personal Air Cooler allows you to do just that, and as it’s low on energy consumption it won’t break the bank on your electricity bills. AND is better for the environment into the bargain.

Who We Wouldn’t Recommend This Unit For:

As with most things, with any positives, there usually come to a few small negatives, and these are some little niggles we’ve flagged up with Air Cooler:

It’s Not An Air Conditioner In The True Sense

As we mentioned above, this really isn’t going to be suitable for someone who wants to cool down a whole room or a large space.

Lacking In Additional Techy Features

If you’re someone who likes your gadgets packed full of techy features you may be a little disappointed by the lack of them with the air cooler.

Leakage Issues

Our final point in this section relates to a small number of reported leakage issues. Some customers have remarked that they’ve experienced water dripping out from their units.

This problem may perhaps stem from overfilling the water tank, or re-filling it before the indicator light has lit up. Several people have said that filling the unit before it’s required can over-saturate the inner reservoir, in turn leading to leaks. When they’ve stopped doing this the problem has then resolved itself.

Keeping the unit on a flat surface also appears to reduce the potential for any water to leak out.


To wrap up this article, my own opinion is that this relatively new concept of personal air coolers and individual cool zones is an exciting one.

There are of course situations where only full-out air con will provide the necessary relief. But for those times when you really don’t need to have it running at full blast then the air cooler may just be the solution you need.